Clean eating, whole living

linda sheehan co.

Welcome to Linda Sheehan Co., where I take a holistic approach to health, wellness and lifestyle, with plant-based eating at its core.


I have been a student of nutrition and wellness for my entire life, whether through formal study, independent research or life experience. Over the years, I have researched and practiced different nutritional theories, but it was through the lens of motherhood that my passion for a clean, natural approach to both diet and lifestyle truly took shape. After having children, I realized the magnitude of the choices I was making for myself and my family, and how those choices would impact not only our individual health and wellbeing, but also the sustainability of the planet.

When I made the decision to switch to an entirely plant-based diet, so many things that I valued throughout my life came together in a way that made absolute sense. Animal welfare, environmental stewardship and good health all intersect in a plant-based way of life.

For many of us, plant-based eating is brand new territory, and while it may be unfamiliar, I can tell you for certain that it is in no way a lifestyle of deprivation. I have a deep love for good food cooked for and enjoyed with family and friends, and I have never enjoyed cooking or eating as much as I do now.

I take a completely individualized and compassionate approach to each person’s journey, making plant-based eating easy, familiar and accessible in a way that makes sense for their lifestyle.

No matter where you land on the diet spectrum, there is no doubt that including more whole, plant-based foods can enrich your life and improve your health. And what’s good for you is also beneficial for our planet and the animals we share it with!

I am passionate about educating and inspiring others to take charge of their health and make mindful choices about how to nourish themselves and their families. I look forward to helping you create a bigger, healthier and more connected life through a whole food plant-based diet.


B.A. in Health Psychology
Curry college

Food Management and Safety Certified (ServSafe)

certificate in Plant-Based Nutrition
T. Colin Campbell Center for Nutrition Studies at Cornell University