Clean eating, whole living


Removing the obstacles and making
plant-based nutrition accessible for all.


Menu Planning & Prep

Whether you’re interested in switching to an entirely plant-based diet, or just want to incorporate more plant-based options, planning and preparing satisfying, nourishing meals for yourself and your family can be a challenge. Maybe you dread grocery shopping. Or you find meal planning difficult and time consuming. Or maybe you dislike cooking but value freshly prepared high quality food.

I want to remove the obstacles and make plant-based nutrition accessible to a broad range of individuals and families by offering two levels of service for Menu Planning and Meal Prep.

The first step is to schedule a consult where we will discuss your current eating patterns and any health concerns, determine your individual dietary preferences, and identify any food sensitivities, allergies or restrictions. At that time we will decide which service is a good fit for your lifestyle.

Plan 1: All Inclusive

Personalized Weekly Menu // Grocery Shopping // Meal Prep

No planning, no cooking, no cleaning the kitchen! I create the menu, do the grocery shopping, cook and clean up right in your own home. Your fridge will be stocked with delicious nutritious food for you to enjoy!


 Plan 2: Everything but the prep

Personalized Weekly Menu // Grocery Shopping // Recipes

Know your way around the kitchen and have plenty of time to cook but don’t know where to start?  I will set you up for success by planning your menu, shopping for groceries and giving you simple to follow recipes.

Poached Eggs with Skillet Toast
Cauliflower and Kale Soup

The Kitchen Edit

A properly stocked pantry, the right tools and equipment, and a well organized space will bring ease to the preparation of delicious, nourishing, and satisfying meals.  I will assess your kitchen as a whole, shop for any necessary items and organize your kitchen and pantry.  This service can be a stand alone option if you’re looking for a jump start on your own plant-based cooking, or can be the first step with either of my menu planning services.

Cooking Classes

Customized cooking classes right in your own home. We can start with the basics or pick a theme such as Easy Weeknight Meals, Grab and Go Lunches, or Dairy Free Cheeses and Nutmilks. One-on-one or grab some friends for a fun night of delicious food and conversation about transitioning to a plant-based lifestyle.

Poached Eggs with Skillet Toast
Cauliflower and Kale Soup

Small Events

Hosting an event in your home? Take the food off your to-do list so you can relax and enjoy time with your guests. Just like my meal prep services, I do the planning and shopping and arrive the day of your event to prepare a variety of fresh, delicious food customized to your occasion. Perfect for cocktail parties, birthday or anniversary celebrations, book clubs, and more.